IT'S TIME......2009

I do not have a resolutions for the new year. 
  I've been down that road to many times.  I will keep wandering down the path of life.
  A little wiser, quieter and more at peace... 

That is not to say...Life right now is not without it's challenges...they greet me everyday, right along side the joy and freedom of...  owning ones own business...  
 Each day is like going to a new job, you never know what you are walking into.  Every decision made, is made by you...therefore every circumstance is your creation.
I do know... I am at peace with whatever comes my way... or doesn't.

So.... I will rise again and again.... and learn to appreciate lessons learned and taught.  And be grateful that I have the will, the strength and the desire to rise to all that comes my way. 
May the New Year.... bring about the changes that bring us a better.... 

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