birdie bunsie

It was my thursday night sleepover
with Sam.  I had not seen him for 
two weeks.  
Eyelashes longer...
cheeks rounder.
His disposition is still... happy.
I made him this new bunsie.
The cotton material is hand painted with
aqua blue stripes.  Stitched on and 
embroidered features.
  He looks great in white. 

He woke up at 2:00, then 5:00.
He was awake from 5:00 to 6:00
and proceded to exercise.

At 11 weeks he did a simplified 
version of exercise.  Lots of 
head spins.  Arms flailing about.
Legs pumping like pistons all the while
talking and cooing.  If my eyes didn't feel
like they were full of cornflakes I would
have enjoyed it more.

And we are up to 6 ounces of formula.
It is the coolest thing I can ever image.


I am practicing gratitude.


Sunshine helps

Grand babies remind

friends support

partners enlighten

What a glorious time to remember
we are here to enjoy our lives
this gift of body.  So I am going to
go outside now and take a ride
on my new---used


Busy at Hutch

 Chris and I 
spruced up the shop.
I have been busy in
the studio.
I brought in some fun
crafty artsy goodies

Who is this?

He is made of burlap, filled with cedar shavings
cardboard feet and wool eyes and nose.
This is a
tweetie hoop
 I painted and appliqued.
Sweet and simple tweets ...sing the birds.
This is the back.
This is the table centerpiece.
I picked the
 flowers and strawberries
from the
 hutch gardens.

Burlap bags filled with cedar chips.

I have been shopping at the

Skagit farmers supply store.

They have some cool stuff.

This is a cardboard box assemblage.

Filled with some thready stuff.

(uhhh I see the post it note)
of course we never have time to
price stuff so this is to remind us
when we do it later.


Like my new outfit?

I have been grandma K all week.
From last thursday until wednesday.
I held and fed and nurtured my
family...I cooked and cared for them, I cleaned
house, pulled weeds, walked the dog and
changed sheets.

But... I am back in the studio,
Yes...  ready to paint and craft and be 
selfish with my time.
 Do what ever I want, be random and
work on 6 things at a time.

this is me. 
 A granny and artist,
partner, mom, business woman, 
daughter, friend.


Who am I?
It doesn't matter.
I am enjoying the journey.
Thank-you for traveling with me.

Saddle shoe...hate.

As a child I was forced to wear these.
I hated them.  And as your feet 
grew, the uglier they got.

cheap trick

I bought this plant.
Did not have a nice container to put it in.
I took the top book off the stack and
wa  laaaa.

Behind here is an ugly green plastic container.

Ground hog day

Do you remember this movie?
 I recently had this experience with 
my little Sam.
His mama got the flu bug, sunday night.
We went and picked them both up, and brought them
home.  Mama to bed.  Sam with us.  So for three mornings
and nights we woke up to this little face.
If I were to read his expression it would be, "oh, you two 
again?  Where's my mama? 
 Grama you look funny in the middle of the night.

At three in the morning, Grampa can't handle more than one
snap on the onesie during a diaper change.  He would
change the diaper and I would make the bottle.

It got a little hairy when Max nosed her way out the
front gate and decided on a nice stroll thru the 
neighborhood.  I was in a business meeting so
gramps was in charge.
So sam in stroller and grampa searching for the dog.
Sam here is wondering why the Fed Ex 
lady is bringing Max home in her truck.
She explained, when she see a happy
mutt with their tail wagging and tongue
flapping she knows there probably an
escapee.  Happens all the time, she said
Well it went just fine, I came home
and grampa took a nap. 


Hello Dr. Brown

I discovered Brene Brown through
a blog.  I bought the book and the CD.
I have listened to the CD twice.
I have started the book, and 

now that I have seen the video
I can read the book and absorb more of the 
written words.  Visit her website, it is one 
of those makes you feel good blogs.

It's Hot Sam.

Thursday was beautifully hot.
90 degrees in Seattle, we love it.

 Sam was content to just be in a diaper.
He's happy he has eaten, pooped and slept.
Grama makes goofy faces and noises.

(please ignore the crutsy brow line and concentrate on the smile)

Did you ever play that game,
Why are you hitting yourself?
You grab someones arms and punch them in
the face with their own fist.
Well Sam hits himself and then gives the face,
like, "who did that, where did that come from?"
Sam's favorite music...
Death Cab for Cutie's,
Marching in manhattan.



It's thursday.
Leaving for granny duty this afternoon.
It's hot in Seattle, so we will be sweating 
up a storm...but who cares.  This is waiting
for me.
He is changing so much.  Seven weeks old and
already such a little dude.  He's got a little flakey
action going on...But hey don't we all have some
skin issues, (like adult acne at 5****4!)  
Look at those lip, instead of the flakes....beautiful.

New work for Hutch studio

I am taking some new things to Hutch today.
I like this, round frame.
Playing more with cardboard.

I also have some cards.


What are the prices?
To cheeeeep to tell.
Call Chris for more
info.  360-466-2303


Aftermath of the 4th.

The 4th of July has come and gone.
We had no plans, other than a couple we
know from Australia were coming to stay Sunday night.
That turned into 13 people, and 4 dogs on Saturday.
The above mentioned couple came sat, not sunday.
Along with 2 more of our kids, their friends,and
3 more dogs.  We had people sleeping in every spare room.
It was all about this.
Is he not adorable!
Sorry for fuzziness. He was
bobbing his head around getting ready for...
The jurassic park cry.

 What was Max thinking of all this?
Yes, I am old, but I can show interest in a little blue ball,
just give me a second to get up....
...Ellie had a blast.


July 4

Bring on the Fourth

I'm not much of a fireworks fan.
I  like sparklers, but I can do without
the big bombs and screaming
and men and boys going nuts 
with gunpowder in their possession.

I love to camp, but in the fall, when
the crowds have dyed down

That leaves eating.
 I can throw myself into that past time
any where, any time with any one.

(All images found in google images.)