Aftermath of the 4th.

The 4th of July has come and gone.
We had no plans, other than a couple we
know from Australia were coming to stay Sunday night.
That turned into 13 people, and 4 dogs on Saturday.
The above mentioned couple came sat, not sunday.
Along with 2 more of our kids, their friends,and
3 more dogs.  We had people sleeping in every spare room.
It was all about this.
Is he not adorable!
Sorry for fuzziness. He was
bobbing his head around getting ready for...
The jurassic park cry.

 What was Max thinking of all this?
Yes, I am old, but I can show interest in a little blue ball,
just give me a second to get up....
...Ellie had a blast.


Honey Lamb and I said...

Major house full!!! Sweet baby! Poor ol' puppy wants some attention too! lol! ~Shelley O.

Marilyn said...

It sounds like it was a totally delightful, crazy weekend.