I really like this blog.
Andre Jordan.


ahhh cute

Have been working on some new ideas.
Ventured out of the barnyard,
to the jungle. Here is a giraffe.
She has some matching bedding.

This is all hand painted by Julie.

Taken from this watercolor I did.

We had an event at

It is coming along.

...we have a ways to go.

All flowers are from the yard out front.

All objects
made or found

I like the word, refound.
As in a refound purpose, life,
or purpose of life.



I like this.

I found it here.


big undies

It's one of those days.
Found on a very cute


love it


aqua thing

I have an aqua-brown thing
goin on here. More images
found somewhere on the net.
I wish I could remember where

I got them.
I think here.


This is a very pretty photograph.
Queen Anne's Lace is in full bloom
right now.

It grows by the side of the road,
It grew in my walkway. It is very quaint and
old fashion. I really never paid attention
to it before. Why now? Appreciating
what is free and noticing more of what
is around me?

years from now

this is an inspirational quote.
I also like the font...the color
It's just cool.

stuck on stucco

I Love this building. Everything about it.
The color, windows, shape, awnings on the
back of the attached building.
The sign....what more is there to say,

I found more to say...I adore the brown screen
door and the diamond shape on the door.
The light fixture. The stucco. Did I mention
the color?


busy life

Do you ever feel like you have bitten
off more than you can chew? I have
a great life...a wonderful life...
a rich and rewarding and busy life.
So...no complaints.
Gratitude, and a faith that
everything is what it is...
for a reason. I'll take the punches
along with the embraces and know
that each is equal in its gift
to my growth.


days gone by

I have Jewelry here.
Anacortes Arts and Crafts this weekend.
My jewelry is a very reasonable price.
Because I think I can be better.
So, until I get better...a good
value for anyone who feels the need
to purchase.


New little picture.


go sounders

I saw this guy at the sounders
Seattle Sketcher.

Barcelona kicked our bootie.
We had a blast.


Little Miss Cricket
It was quite a sticky wicket when
Little Miss Cricket cried,
"I didn't pick it!"
aprox 8" by 10" Original
mounted on a wood frame.
Poem by my sister

Little Martha
It's a good thing little Martha
taught Johnny the proper way
to plant an apple seed.
Original watercolor, mounted on an old
book cover. Encaustic wax. A little box on
the back for treasures and her story written
by my sister. Hangs from wire. One of a kind.
$50.00. $10.00 shipping

Little Nobel

Little Nobel wonders if someday
he'll get a prize for
being a good boy.

I've been busy.
This is an original watercolor.
Mounted on a canvas board
covered in vintage book pages.
Painted, stained and covered in
encaustic wax. It hangs from a wire, and
a peace sign. On the back is a little box
to hold a treasure. My sister wrote his
story. $50.00. $10.00 for

amazing woodwork

This bed was made by an amazing artist.
Discovered him on Design Sponge.

I love his art...
because...it is
reclaimed wood.

wonderful aesthetics

The combination of wood and metal.

The rings on the tree show its 80 years of life.
To light that life from behind is genius.

His website is really great.
He is an engaging writer.


..... the former tea room.
Here are the driftwood planters.
Chris has layed out extra wood
for coolness.

The old porch is painted. We are going to remove
the hutch and opened up the, former
display window. It is so far from the street
it was pretty much ineffective. People really
never looked past the fence.
Here are our birdhouses. I love the
rustic simplicity of them. We might
put in little lights. I think by the
end of August it will be coming
together. Art by BBTB artists. We are
all working away.


Cute little handcrafted driftwood planter
from wood that is on the beach in front
of my house. I have gathered and Chris has
made more. For purchase at Hutch...laconner.
I picked these in my yard. I think one is just
a wild flower that grew in my rockery. a pretty
little flower that grew all on it's own... I let it grow
and was rewarded with simple and meaningful
blossoms. Just like friendship. Sometimes it just
shows up at your doorstep. It is beautiful. I have
a new friend. Out of the blue...that landed on my
doorstep. Isn't life funny? So unpredictable, and
yet...feels like it is destined. I am grateful.


wise women

I have been looking for photos of wise women.
I love the dignity and wisdom that this photo

I love to see all the expression of a life fully
lived on the faces of these women.
Creases and lines tell their own story.
Laughter, crying, frowning...
it is all there in a face.
No mask to hide the pain and
joy of living a full and rich life.
May I be as fortunate.
let me move on from it!
Now comfort...
oooh. Don't go there.


I love the look of the menu at
cafe Adrift, in Anacortes
taken with my iphone.
I love my iphone.

I think this is so cool.

we shared squash and pork tacos.
I love summer.
Did I mention that before?
By the way, Anacortes is hoppin!