Working my fanny off

I have spent the last two days at Hutch.
We now have a Bunny Room.
Come see for yourself.


My inspiration board.

I took this pictures from the wall in front
of my desk.  Just a few of the little treasures 
that make me smile. 
I have had them for a long time, and I 
still love looking at them. Sometimes it
is a simple little thing that can make us 
happy.  All of these items are made by hand,
I think that is a big part of the love for my
sweet little inspirations. 

I have had this little kitty for at least 15 years.  Bought from a fellow
artist when we were doing all those teddy bear shows.  My sister 
has the same sweetie pie.  Then a sign I made for some cards.

Peg board, paper, metal clip and 
picture of my sister and I.

Love this little crochet elephant. 
 And a little Golden Wishes Birthday book.

I don't know when this guy lost his eye, oh my.
He is the inspiration for my lollie dollies.

Some cans I covered in old vintage pictures
And lilacs picked from the yard.

Love the cover of this book.
Pink, green, brown perfection.
And all that sketching.

Have a great holiday weekend.
We have Sam on Sunday, Yahoo.


Home again

Why does it take so long to get back 
into a routine?  I have been back 5 days
and I am still don't quite have it all together.
But, when you run your own business
everyday is a new fire to put out.
Or, now this project is more important.
Everything stops when you hit the road.
But it's all waiting for you when you get back.
Here are a few pictures of my journey.

I love these girls. Melody, Marie and Jen.
And all the other girls too.  Jo, Jen, Letty,
Katie, Sue, Kathy and all the earth angels
that were not at this show.  

As artist we get all caught up in our craft.  But truthfully, it is all about
the people.  It is a lot of work to do a show.  But it is all worth it when
you hook up with your tribe. 

This is a happy new bunny lover.

And these I found in a box I had forgot to unpack.
Quaint Quinn, with her hand painted tag.

This is tell me a story Sam.

And Darling Dot.
You can purchase through Jen at 


Crafting, creating, sewing and painting.

I leave shortly for Saratoga.
I have been making bunnies.
Here are a few that will
be for sale.
Say Hello to 
Sadie So Happy.
She is a 8" mohair with cute cotton dress and lace skirt.

Hey there Petal Pinky.  Cute 12" bunny doll in
hand painted pink stripe vintage organdy party dress.

Yardley Yo-Yo if you please.

Lilly oh so lovely
6" of sweetness.

This is where it is all happening.
See you there.
Or you can order here.


La conner Walk about

It was a  beautiful sunny day yesterday.
Before I went into work I walked 
through downtown La Conner.
So peaceful and full of character.
Such a great place to unwind.

This is a wine shop's deck.

Nice new sign for the seafood house.
Sign is better than the food.
Nell thorn's for great food.
But there food is better than
their sign.

The rainbow bridge which is actually orange.

The slough.
Sail your boat up and have a meal and a walk.

Peaceful courtyard of a long time shop.

I am very fortunate to have grown up in such a 
beautiful area.  Anacortes, La Conner, Kirkland
I love them all.


Pinterest goodies

I meditated this morning,
Look at these goodies

I did this to my jeans in high school
early 70's.
I have a pair now...I need to get my needle and thread 
out and work on the back.

Love this.

And this.
Looks like I am into crafty things this morning.
I now need to go to my studio and work on 
crafts for the upcoming show in Saratoga.
I need to ship by wed.....bye, bye.

Cardboard Frames

Chris has been busy with cardboard again.
Look at these amazing frames.

He will be teaching a workshop,
So come and get your cardboard on
and partake.


Where Women Create

I picked up a copy of
the latest
Where Women Create.

Look, my favorite cheerleaders.
I say that because, as an artist.
We need an arsenal of friends like these two.
(And yes I am going to call myself an artist,
but I believe we all are in one way or the other.)

Jen O'Conner
Jo Packham

 The two most vocal advocates I 
know of creativity. They are 
a dynamic duo.
Valuable allies, supporter and necessary shoulders
to cry on, and high 5'ers to celebrate with.
Anyone who is fortunate to cross paths
we these two dynamos is lucky indeed.

And look.
  A large spread on our Spring ArtGirls
Road Show in Saratoga.
May 19th and 20th.
At Schuyler pond

Here is my little picture.

Very cool planter...
And you will just have to purchase the
magazine to see all the rest of the inspiring
content.  I love looking at what other people
create, think and feel.  A snapshot of what
I consider my tribe.  Creativity breeds creativity.
So go catch a glimpse and be inspired.

And hope to see you there.