Home again

Why does it take so long to get back 
into a routine?  I have been back 5 days
and I am still don't quite have it all together.
But, when you run your own business
everyday is a new fire to put out.
Or, now this project is more important.
Everything stops when you hit the road.
But it's all waiting for you when you get back.
Here are a few pictures of my journey.

I love these girls. Melody, Marie and Jen.
And all the other girls too.  Jo, Jen, Letty,
Katie, Sue, Kathy and all the earth angels
that were not at this show.  

As artist we get all caught up in our craft.  But truthfully, it is all about
the people.  It is a lot of work to do a show.  But it is all worth it when
you hook up with your tribe. 

This is a happy new bunny lover.

And these I found in a box I had forgot to unpack.
Quaint Quinn, with her hand painted tag.

This is tell me a story Sam.

And Darling Dot.
You can purchase through Jen at 


Marilyn said...

Welcome home! I know exactly what you mean about getting back into life when returning home. Sweet little leftovers from the adventure.

Michelle May said...

Looks like such a fun time with good friends. The energy of crafty friends is always the best company.