My inspiration board.

I took this pictures from the wall in front
of my desk.  Just a few of the little treasures 
that make me smile. 
I have had them for a long time, and I 
still love looking at them. Sometimes it
is a simple little thing that can make us 
happy.  All of these items are made by hand,
I think that is a big part of the love for my
sweet little inspirations. 

I have had this little kitty for at least 15 years.  Bought from a fellow
artist when we were doing all those teddy bear shows.  My sister 
has the same sweetie pie.  Then a sign I made for some cards.

Peg board, paper, metal clip and 
picture of my sister and I.

Love this little crochet elephant. 
 And a little Golden Wishes Birthday book.

I don't know when this guy lost his eye, oh my.
He is the inspiration for my lollie dollies.

Some cans I covered in old vintage pictures
And lilacs picked from the yard.

Love the cover of this book.
Pink, green, brown perfection.
And all that sketching.

Have a great holiday weekend.
We have Sam on Sunday, Yahoo.


Marilyn said...

Love the inspirations here. I have an inspiration board, but sometimes forget to look at it. Now how much inspiration can it be if I don't look? Thanks for looking at yours and may it create many more inspirations and dreams come true.

Happy Sunday with your Sam!

l.wilks11 said...

Such lovely memories you have from your collections of a life time.

It has made me think about the LITTLE things i have cherished along my journey though life.
Lovely thoughts......xx

Jen - Earth Angels said...

love those handmade touchstones and inspirations...