gift for neighbors

A gift for the neighbors.

A gift for a friend.

I dig mushrooms!

I have been drawing and painting.
these little prints are
Faded Elegance in Snohomish.
I dropped them off yesterday.
4x6 originals

give a gift
made by hand
I am pricing
very reasonable
I feel I am still
still pretty damn cute!

people i love

People I love.
Leigh and Scott,
were married in Thailand this Saturday.
I couldn't be there so I sent a gift with
my sister, who had to present it to them.

Leigh had seen this gate on a bridge, filled
with Locks, in Cologne Germany.

When a couple fall in love, they proclaim their love
by enscribing their names on a lock,
attaching it to this gate and throw
the key in the water below.

With my gift I wrote a letter.... the advice
of a woman who was saved by love.

Nestled inside this vintage box is a little mouse
who is protecting its contents under this stitched
cotton batting.

I found this wonderful old lock and key
at my favorite antique store in Anacortes.
There names are engraved, and the words
love locked eternally.

All my love to you both.
p.s. You can see some pictures
at Jeanne's site


Here is my little space
Faded Elegance
1116 1st st
I put a post on craigslist.
"Stylist selling contents of 1940's beach house."
Here are some of my things at
Finders Keepers Antique Mall
in Marysville
1517 3rd st.
in old downtown

I put everything at 30% off.
it is very cool.


Holiday from holiday

I don't have to do this.
We quit exchanging gifts altogether.
Gift-giving is a reflection of
who we are. I would spend
hours just trying to find the
perfect gift. If I didn't make the present,
I would Shop until
the last minute, because something
better might appear. My goal
is to give little gifts throughout
the year.



Oh my gosh.
I made it.
Done with work
for 2 weeks.

Chris and I made these terrariums.
He tweeked and aged the metal lids.
I planted moss. They are not only
still alive there growing!
For Purchase at
warm and fuzzy holiday.


The Moon over Mount Baker
In December.
My view....


thanks so much

I had a lovely comment from Connie.
She posted pictures of Hutch on her blog
She has a great blog...check it out.

computer tricks and treats

I made snow!!!!
This stuff makes me giddy.


This is a thread drawing by
Kristin. A fellow artist at
Hutch. She gave a demonstration
in the shop. You can watch the
video here. Very cool!
It's all about mushrooms.
Red dot, black stripes.
Edna and I made these.
The trio is 12...8...and 6 inches.
Chris cut out a wood base,
added moss.
Very cool group effort!
Our snowman is decked
out in a wool jacket. His body
is coffee dyed canvas...a hand stitched
felt nose, vintage buttons holding a
mushroom and a mushroom picture
hanging from his neck...we made 2.
call Chris for the price....can't seem to
remember....handmade in our Hutch studio.
One well worn baby shoe holding
a paper mache mushroom...I experimented
with celluclay...I like the mushroom, but
a lot of work.
Luvin Shroomfull pencil holder
Very fun!

This is where my head is right now.
Lovin, red and white..
..coffee stained of course.
We had our Bunny Christmas Party
at HUTCH last night.
Chris is giving our birdhouses
a snowy roof.

Each one has a paper cut art scene
inside. From mushrooms to birds.
A bird and squirrel silhouette
above the houses.
Each one has a little story and are
all al little different. Made by Chris.
Their little perch are driftwood from
the beach in front of my house and nails
from his deck he salvaged. Recycled,
and I love them! I want one.
for sale 150.00 each.


Holiday ditties

This is what I worked on over
the Thanksgiving Holiday.
I took these to
Faded Elegance
in Snohomish
on sunday.
In case you can't find it,
my little cabinet is by there
cash register.


This is...
My daughters new puppy.
She is a golden doodle,
part poodle part golden retriever.
10 weeks
3 lbs
frisky and feisty.
I babysat friday. One toe in the
door of being a granny.
I liked it.