It's all about mushrooms.
Red dot, black stripes.
Edna and I made these.
The trio is 12...8...and 6 inches.
Chris cut out a wood base,
added moss.
Very cool group effort!
Our snowman is decked
out in a wool jacket. His body
is coffee dyed canvas...a hand stitched
felt nose, vintage buttons holding a
mushroom and a mushroom picture
hanging from his neck...we made 2.
call Chris for the price....can't seem to
remember....handmade in our Hutch studio.
One well worn baby shoe holding
a paper mache mushroom...I experimented
with celluclay...I like the mushroom, but
a lot of work.
Luvin Shroomfull pencil holder
Very fun!

This is where my head is right now.
Lovin, red and white..
..coffee stained of course.

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Connie said...

Kyrs, I visited Hutch Studio last weekend. Very fun studio! I purchased a sweet snowman and cute polka dot mushroom. I put some photos on my blog of Hutch Studio. I'll be back to visit soon!