people i love

People I love.
Leigh and Scott,
were married in Thailand this Saturday.
I couldn't be there so I sent a gift with
my sister, who had to present it to them.

Leigh had seen this gate on a bridge, filled
with Locks, in Cologne Germany.

When a couple fall in love, they proclaim their love
by enscribing their names on a lock,
attaching it to this gate and throw
the key in the water below.

With my gift I wrote a letter.... the advice
of a woman who was saved by love.

Nestled inside this vintage box is a little mouse
who is protecting its contents under this stitched
cotton batting.

I found this wonderful old lock and key
at my favorite antique store in Anacortes.
There names are engraved, and the words
love locked eternally.

All my love to you both.
p.s. You can see some pictures
at Jeanne's site


Marilyn said...

A lovely gift and you are in the Northwest. Now I must go to Anacortes and check out this antique shop.

Janean said...

Krys, how my goodness! That is the most thoughtful and beautiful gift anyone could hope for!!!! You're very clever and one of those rare "good gift givers."

The proclaimed lock and key idea in Germany is divine!!!!

Jeanne-ming said...

I think of all the gifts Leigh and Scott received this was most special. Krys' sister Suzanne presented it to them at the reception during the toasts. It was incredible.