big undies

It's one of those days.
Found on a very cute


Ashley said...

I think I may have a pair that looks similar to those in my dresser. :)

I did not receive the state fair poster! Can you resend it? I'd love to see it.

krys kirkpatrick said...

I think I have 6 pair, even some lavender!

Lee said...

Are those Bridget Jones' panties? Yep addiction thanks for the comment.

koralee said...

So funny....we are going to visit your shop this week...looking forward to it!

Kathrine said...

Hello Krys,

I met you at Barnhouse on Saturday. I was behind the counter & you were kind enough to look through your purse for another one of your fabulous cards.

Do you sell originals &/or copies?

Thank you. I just love your work.


KnockKnocking said...

What a cute blog and of course, those panties are hilarious.

Lissa said...

so cute and funny! I see you are bunnies by the bay! Love that place! sooo cute!

Anonymous said...