stuck on stucco

I Love this building. Everything about it.
The color, windows, shape, awnings on the
back of the attached building.
The sign....what more is there to say,

I found more to say...I adore the brown screen
door and the diamond shape on the door.
The light fixture. The stucco. Did I mention
the color?


Jeanne-ming said...

but where is it? can we buy it?
cool. looks like something you would like.

krys kirkpatrick said...

If it Thailand...that would be a no brainer!

Ginnie said...

I dream of re-modeling an untraditional space into a home.

I worked for you 20 years ago, back when it was Best Friend Bunnies.
Am enjoying the blog. Good luck with the mini house. I want to buy and remodel a vintage trailer.