It's Hot Sam.

Thursday was beautifully hot.
90 degrees in Seattle, we love it.

 Sam was content to just be in a diaper.
He's happy he has eaten, pooped and slept.
Grama makes goofy faces and noises.

(please ignore the crutsy brow line and concentrate on the smile)

Did you ever play that game,
Why are you hitting yourself?
You grab someones arms and punch them in
the face with their own fist.
Well Sam hits himself and then gives the face,
like, "who did that, where did that come from?"
Sam's favorite music...
Death Cab for Cutie's,
Marching in manhattan.


Jill in Snohomish said...

Hi Krys:

How fun for you, spending the day with your grandbaby. He looks so happy and content. Bring him into Joyworks sometime and we'll all make goofy faces:o) He's adoreable.

krys kirkpatrick said...

Ya, he has stolen my heart that is for sure.