Ground hog day

Do you remember this movie?
 I recently had this experience with 
my little Sam.
His mama got the flu bug, sunday night.
We went and picked them both up, and brought them
home.  Mama to bed.  Sam with us.  So for three mornings
and nights we woke up to this little face.
If I were to read his expression it would be, "oh, you two 
again?  Where's my mama? 
 Grama you look funny in the middle of the night.

At three in the morning, Grampa can't handle more than one
snap on the onesie during a diaper change.  He would
change the diaper and I would make the bottle.

It got a little hairy when Max nosed her way out the
front gate and decided on a nice stroll thru the 
neighborhood.  I was in a business meeting so
gramps was in charge.
So sam in stroller and grampa searching for the dog.
Sam here is wondering why the Fed Ex 
lady is bringing Max home in her truck.
She explained, when she see a happy
mutt with their tail wagging and tongue
flapping she knows there probably an
escapee.  Happens all the time, she said
Well it went just fine, I came home
and grampa took a nap. 


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love a good ending.

Brenda said...

SO funny...ps: I know that look :)