Chick Chick

Here are things I have been making. 

  This is just a little picture of a chick....

 I crimped some japanese lettered paper...dyed
rayon ribbon and a little glitter here and there.  

This is a little peat pot..
I covered in paper...filled with plaster and made
my own garland to fill the top.
It has a hand colored little baby 
with bunny ears and butterfly wings
sitting a top a paper bouquet. 

This is a one of a kind fabric mushroom...
I hand sewed...painted, and covered in wax.
Little butterflies are attached with wire.

Cute little chick on a small wood base 
with wired paper butterflies and dyed silk ribbon...

Small picture with a wire hanger
crimped paper...baby with bunny ears...
 with wax.  


Barb said...

Did you make your little chick?
It is adorable and i have never seen one like it!

Barbara Jean

susan said...

oh i love the mushroom!! do you do classes online??
i would love to play with you(well, you know what i mean...)