This little beagle of my sisters
is our wandering garbage hound
at bunnies.  She does a garbage tipping
ritual after everyone leaves at night. 
She has been known to snatch a brownie,
a full sandwich...a plate of cookies...a donut...
a half a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough...
need I go on?  And she has gotten really sick doing 
these things.  
Anyway the other day she ate a bag of...
 Dried apple slices.  Of course my sister 
doesn't know until she starts howling and crying
because her tummy hurts and the 3rd or 4th trip outside
in the middle of the night.  The next day is the investigation
and she can usually track down what she has ingested.
I wish I had taken a picture.  
Her belly was so bloated...
But...in true beagle form...She would want outside...she would 
puke and then when you yell at her to stop eating her own
puke she would gobble it even faster... and then moan....
My sister had the thought...I guess I shouldn't have given
her so much 


koralee said...

ahhh...my aunt has a beagle so i know what you are talking about...they will eat anything and everything...crazy, crazy animals but we do love them to death!!!!

Victoria Lynn said...

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to that unmistakable sound of the dog, well, you know...and multiple trips in one night - not a good night! Hope the puppy is feeling better. And your sister got some rest! Gotta love our pets!

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

this is a hilarious post! Dogs are so funny! BTW, thanks for visiting my blog! Your beach vacation looked awesome! I'm going to check out your etsy store!