These little birds hung out on our balcony.
I was at the computer in our beach bungalow
 Mr. E was on the deck reading...I heard 
the birds and they were
chirp...chirp...chirping away...
I looked down and they were at my feet!
We had left the door open and they just hopped in.
They just as easily hopped out though...as if to say,...
 yes, we have done this before.  So I did reward them with
some sunflower seeds...hence 7 birds now instead
of the 2 that came for a visit.

I look a little goofy here...but out of 7 shots
this is the best one... 
 I am drawing on the beach.
  My new passion.
 I am attempting to teach myself with the book and workbook,
 "Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain".

I have been informed that Mr. E would like to remain
anonymous.  Not all of us want to be facebookers and 
promote ourselves and have everyone know us.  So the paparazzi
shots at my house are now edited...It lends itself a little air of 
mystery.  So under this sombrero is a mysteriously cool dude.... take my
word for it.  
Here is our super nerdy umbrella we got at the 
Maui Salvation Army for $6.00.  
Every time we go to Hawaii, we buy chairs and umbrellas
 and then just leave them.  So we thought, lets check out the,"SA" and see if other people do the same thing.
   They do...So we scored on the above umbrella, a 50c paperback and a wooden cutting board for a dollar.
This really unsightly umbrella...has about 12 jungle animals on 
it.  we made this discovery after looking up at it for 2 weeks.  It was 
like, "where's Waldo".  It kept us quite entertained.
  "Another beer honey?"

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