This is what started me on my creative frenzy.
I made a book for Jeanne
for her 10th anniversary 

I had a very old photo album made
of leather...I dismantled it and 
used the front and back.
I  had another old chinese poetry book
I glued pages together to make
them sturdy.
The front is covered in a waxed parchment
separated into squares by bamboo
I also had this very old chinese box
that made the perfect wrapping.

The front has a little leather coin purse
and a silk handmade napkin holder that
is crochet rings with a bow.
And a soldered copper charm and 
a silver bunny earring I took apart...

Inside front cover...her artwork in the middle

Inside the leather pouch is a charm...
"yes we can"

On a "Quaker Relief" stamp 
her picture...and red thread

This was a black and white photo copy
of BBTB logo...I water colored
 and covered in wax

Here is a hand colored picture of 
...Bunny Crew...

Everyone wrote a short essay on what they 

I made a page of the person
 and their essay...
Here is Suzanne and Bea

Here is Cory's page

I cut out a running bunny on each page

...little bits of thought...

...a copy of the famous letter
sent to us 10 years ago...

This is the last page.  
I cut out 2 drawers.
One holds a necklace on a red string
the other holds 10 candles

This labour of love... opened the flood gates...
to what was to follow...


Carmen said...

This is gorgeous! Love it.

Thanks for visiting my blog today!!! And for taking the time to leave a comment.


Laurie said...

What a beautiful and amazing gift! A treasure to keep forever...

Patti said...

This is an incredible, creative and absolutely original gift - she is one lucky gal. I'd like to know how she responded...
Thanks for visiting my blog and looking at my messy studio!:)
Also, I found a tea set in your shop- I have a collection of them for my daughter (who will turn 12 in July - one day she'll be able to display them:) and I've got it bookmarked!

Pherenike said...

fabulous textures! Love all those pages.