day 4 ny

Day 4
Today we drew a fellow student.
It was difficult.
I feel like I need to spend
many many more hours on 
this process.

Here is my sketch of Alex.
This took about 3 hours.
And a little help from teacher.
I moved his ear 3x.

Walking home. I walked thru the 
East Village
 Then, at the end of Elizabeth street... 
I found my self in
 China Town
 and then all of a sudden
a sign, welcome to
 little Italy. 
 Then the chinese took over again....and
 ended up in the financial district......
My feet


LillySue said...

Did you do all that walking by yourself?? How exciting to be in N.Y. City! What was the most interesting thing you saw in China Town?? What kind of food did you eat?? How long are you going to be there for? I thought your drawing was very good....ear placement is difficult sometimes. I have a hard time getting eyes the same size. I think it would be easier for me to draw space aliens so I could give them different size eyes on purpose, heehe! Sometimes I cheat and make a template to get me the basic eye shape and size.....does that mean I am not a real artist?? I hope your classes are inspiring you!

koralee said...

Wow...reading your post brought back this memory....my aching feet..i had blisters on my blisters..all we did was walk and explore when we visited NYC..enjoy every minute...i so love that city...looks like you are keeping busy..your art work in amazing!!Thanks for sharing.