epistrophy cafe....Mott street

"the repetition of a word at the end of successive clauses or sentences.
to turn around.
Well I don't know why they named this little
cafe this.  But I felt 
 at home here.

Here is a little of their menu.
I love the mix of fonts.

It was a perfectly warm day.
I sat outside on a little wobbly bench. 
2 guys next to me were italian, new yorkers
in their 30's.  A couple of older gents walked
by...they got the hug...dialogue in Italian...
I felt like I was in the godfather movie.
It was very fun.

Glass of Vino
 little unpretentious flowers

My panini
it was good,
the atmosphere made it 

It was around 4:00
locals just hanging out

Doesn't this look cozy.
Better than home.

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koralee said...

You are so cute...i wish i was sitting with you in that adorable epistrophy cafe!!! Sounds like you really are enjoying your time...thanks again for the adventure! Be safe!!