Laconner update

We have uncovered a few props.

Recycling the old posts from the fence
outside. Primed and ready for paint and new
whirligigs for inside.

There are sunflowers six feet high, outside...
inspiration for the hutch, inside.

This was a very bright blue room...
now a muted aqua with brown wash.

old apothecary bottles waiting
to be used for

A few gatherings,
like a bird gathers to feather its nest,
we gather and build....?

When I moved into my house 10 years ago,
I found a humble bird house, left behind.
Now a pattern for these...going on the wall.

Chris..."washing the aqua wall with...

next best thing to instant coffee.

...remember this room?

Now...a warm pallet for birdhouses,
little pictures...shelves of old books...

we want to be in harmony with our
little displays of art...not fight with them for

1 comment:

LillySue said...

It is so nice to have a change but so hard to paint over murals!! I know it will all look perfect!