Summer time
and the livin is easy.
When I walk out the door
I think...perfect
the weather is unbelievable
I am enjoying every moment
I have filled my window boxes with
driftwood and beach, things that do not
need to be watered. Since I am only here
part of the week... window boxes need to
be watered every day.
I discovered cherries on my tree!
I tasted....they are tart
for baking.
Everything I had in this container died
over the freezing cold winter. These
little gems sprouted all by themselves.

I am working on a new vanity for
my bathroom. So I put the mirror
from the bath room to my outside entry.

I hung this the other day. Metal letters
Love red white and blue...
especially when it is aged and faded.

Picked these daisys from flower bed
at bunnies. Love the old bottle.

My 4th decor

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