This is my bounty from Laconner.
I picked these lovely hydrangeas
to take home and I discovered
I made a little snack.

Laconner re-invention
is comming a long.
Even though we have taken a moment to
stop and re-do our insides.
There is no halt to the progress of mother
nature on the outside.
The gardens of our laconner shop are in
there full picture taking mode.

And the lovely part of all this....
It is a perennial garden...so year after faithful
year...these flowers and berries return to
delight us with their beauty and just
friendliness. Yes...this is a friendly garden.
quaint...a little over the top and lovely.

Wirily gigs are still whirling and bees buzzing.

I've been meaning to take apart the front window.
But geez looooieze you can't even see it.

A pretty pink flower bush sits in a bed
of trailing and vining tiny red strawberries.

Do not know what this is...but it's cool.

Purple clematis is taking over the birdhouse.

Here is the former tea room. The walls are a
cream, and painted over with an umber wash.
The wainscoating is a mustard color with the
same umber painted on as a second coat.
The floor is primed and will be a mustard color
to match the rest of the floors.

Chris left the green on the interior of the window.
It adds character and depth.


Jeanne-ming said...

looks so cool.

JennyMac said...

Such pretty pics! And I love raspberries in the summer.

koralee said...

I love your happy little shop...is it open? We are heading that way soon.

LillySue said...

The garden is Heavenly! Perfect for your shop!!

Aleta said...

I soooo miss my trips to Anacortes to visit your shop. (sigh) It was always a delight for the senses! Now I'm a Nana to a four month old darling. She is destined to become a BBTB girlie as well. I've already given her a bunny hop head start. ;)

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta