Did I mention I have moved?
I am still recovering. Physically and emotionally.
I have heard moving is a very stressful event.
I am here to tell you...it is.

One of the reasons I decided to downsize is...
I am just tired of stuff. As a creative person
I seem to have more than the average amount.
So...I have filled a 10x20 storage space and a 5x15 storage space.
I intend to empty them both! Sell, give away, throw away.

Both of these images I found on...

I have moved into 230 square feet.
And my intention is...8ft. x 20 ft.
160 square feet and to be totally

Now I have my understanding partner
of 12 years he gets it, completely.
I am here in our very nice home half the
week. So really, since my fun and rewarding
job is 80 miles away, I just need a little space
to live in.
This is...
an adventure
a change
To let go of stuff.
find myself.


junkrescuerbeth said...

Wow - you are doing some MAJOR downsizing! I feel smothered by my stuff most of the time. It's a real dilemma as I am an artist/craftsperson who works out of her home. Potential materials/ingredients everywhere! I am so impressed with your efforts. Please keep us updated.

Beth of Salvage Studio

Kim G. said...

Rock on sistah!!!