happy tricks

Happy Halloween
I picked out this costume,
but could only get it on up to
my ankle. Oh well, maybe
next year I'll have the body
of a 54 yr old
supa-halloween model.
Looks like no one eats
butterfingers in this house!

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koralee said...

Happy Halloween to you too. I just went to your past post..I so adore those necklaces of yours..where do you sell them? I can easy make a trip down your way...or by post?

Deirdra Doan said...

I love your drawings so much!!! I think we met at Artfest???? Do you have a photo of your self somewhere on your blog? I would really like to have you in one of my classes at Art and Soul to see what you would do. I taught a class using gold and silver like Gustave Klimt this year and hope it flys again next. I also hope to teach a doll class too. Come say hi on my blog...

krys kirkpatrick said...

Hello, yes my necklaces are at Faded Elegance, and Hutch and a little antique store in anacortes. We are going to get our handmade goodies on line here soon! On the Hutch site. Our goal is to bring Hutch to you!