clean it up

Since we last spoke my world has
a new outlook.
I decided to rent out my home.
I called a property manager on the 17th
of Sept. and she came out that day...I signed
a contract. She showed the house friday the 18th.
It rented.
I have been moving since then. I had to be out
by the 1st of Oct.
I have survived...barely.
So I am living rent free and
saving my money to build my little
home on wheels.
Where I am at....uh no shower
what do you think about this?


Simply Mel said...

Love this shower! Very...hmmm?, retro, vintage, upcycled?!?!?

Bunnies By The Bay said...

hmmmmmmm... This could work.....

Nancy said...

Hey, where there's water, there's a shower! Glad your blogging again.
I was so happy when I came across your blog several months ago. I was born and raised in Oak Harbor and was a frequent shopper at your store in LaConner. I so admire your creations. My hubby and I now are retired and living the good life in Gilbert, AZ.

Prancing Pixie Studio said...

CUTE shower! I prefer my soaking tub but it looks like you could soak in the bottom of that shower too! My kids like to sit on the floor of the shower and take 30 minutes with me yelling at them to GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!!
I hope all is going well with your relocation. Come check out our new "Studio" blog!

koralee said...

Ya this could work...but I would be lost without my tub! Hope moving is going well! xoxo

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting, so I could find your blog! Very interesting. I see you are REALLY downsizing! I'd never seen such a small home, except for some prefab cabins that were in a park we stayed at (in a tent trailer for 8 months lol) in Camp Sherman (out of Sisters). Where is your town in Washington? I've never heard of it. Great blog, I'll be back to visit again!