making stuff

I have been busy.
It is hard to post...for me...
without pictures. I don't have
much to say....
unless I have something to show.

Here is my, "LOVE" collection.
I think choosing one day out
of the year to show the people
that are important to us, that
we love them...seems wrong.

Vintage paper...
Umber and pale
Pinks and aquas...
love and handmade,
this collection is
a celebration of love
every day.

I used vintage, and or
hand painted the paper for
these paper garlands. Then
stamped dots on them, so
they remind me of mushrooms.
I then strung them with wire and
added beads.

They come in a box.
A hand painted top..tied
with dyed ribbon
and inside more umbered
vintage paper, and it is
nestled in painted striped
japanese silk paper.

I ventured out to the woods
and collected branches and moss.
Arranged in a paper covered clay
pot and wired flowers on.

These are just cute little round metal tags.

Some cute little original watercolor cards.

More mushrooms, with bugs.

A hand painted box ...
(The garland box is like this on the front.)

With a charm to hang.

little framed watercolors

tags...all original art.

Everything is drawn, painted,
coffee stained....
then painted and drawn again.
All can be found at
Hutch Studio
I have some at,
Faded Elegance also.

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redredday said...

hi Krys! thank you for the positive feedback :).

i love the pale pinks here! so pretty the fluttering garland and the painted box. something so light and joyful about your work.