The Love Show

Here are pictures of last nights event
at Hutch Studio.   I brought lots of new art.  


Shay ~Designer Junk Finder said...

Sorry I missed it...I was in your studio last week....love !!!
Shay ~Designer Junk Finder
Original owner of:
(Country Goose,Anacortes)

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Krys!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog earlier!! I went by the little snowman this morning and all thats left is the red baseball cap, the two sticks on either side and the carrot...all the snow had melted!!

Your show sounds like it was great fun!!
I love your last name..I have been doing my family history for many years and have a mysterious Uncle William Kirkpatrick in London Ontario Canada around 1885...could this be anyone you might know of??
Well take care and come back often, I like visitors!!! Susan