Hello I am Krys

I am doing a post for the lovely 
My name is
Krys Kirkpatrick
I am a designer for my company
Bunnies By The Bay
We make the softest sweetest baby gifts
on the planet. My sister and I started the
company 24 years ago.
I also do love to paint and draw, 
make jewelry, sew and 
craft.... You see that here.
Our shop in La conner is so cool.
All the work is hand crafted by
our artists here at bunnies, or friends
of bunnies. Here.
Here are some samples of my work
I have made little ditties and whimsey
since I was a little girl.  It has been
many many years, and many many
crafts....and I still can not wait 
to get up in the morning and get busy!


sjmcdowell said...

I love these sweet little kids!!
You are so talented. These little people you have created remind me of my childhood and the feeling of a special sweetness I felt that has become dimmer as I've grown older, but when I gaze at your sweet drawings I get that same feeling again that I had from long ago.
Thank you Krys!!

Hugs and Sunshine.


Anonymous said...

nice blog realy nice i like it :) animals