Uh computer one oh one

I am working on a
 I want to add a 
Big Cartel shopping cart.
You can't do that with a blog.
Here is a preview.
I need to figure out many more things,
 but it is coming along.
If you only know how computer
illiterate I am.  Everyone keeps 
telling me,
 just get in there and play around. 
 So..... I am.
 One thing I know...
It is making more sense so when and if
I get professional help...I can at least 
understand more.  After learning photoshop
I think I need a
 writing class.


Gail said...

Go Krys! I'd love to be able to buy some of your art, it's adorable. Can't help you with the 'puter stuff though, I'm sure I'm as illiterate as you in that dept. probably worse!
BTW, I love the Dr. Seuss quote on the top of your blog, he's my favorite children's author hands down.
So very clever, oh to have a mind like that......

koralee said...

Good for you....you can do it...I so want to get photoshop..I may be pulling my hair out by the end of it all. xo

David said...

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krys kirkpatrick said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I am feeling the need to take a writing class!