...as evidenced by my mess below.
...I have been sewing and embroidering and
making stuff since I was a kid.  I remember getting
one of those sewing machines when I was 7 or 8
and all it ever did was make a big stinkin mess of the
bobbin thread...the frustration I felt then is the same 
I feel now with my computer sometimes.... 

And the easy bake oven...not so easy!  

Do you think I can find this
at target in a size 12?

 like I have no worries,
everything is o.k.,
and there is no end in sight.

This is driftwood sculpture at the beach by
local's hang out here
lots of moms and babies
it is very cool

Did not see this...
on the roster.
I bet it is
 good for quads...

This looks like a beach full of the





AuroraSuzette said...

Love this message! Sounds like a great life you've got there. And the dress on that bike...super cute.

Emily said...

great post! Love that umbrella pick and the girl on the bike in the water. So sweet!

Gail said...

What a lovely blog you have...how can one buy your art? Do you sell it, I just love your drawings!
Thanks for your visit, I'm going to put you on my favorites list asap!

manon 21 said...

merci de ton passage chez moi,je suis contente de découvrir ton blog.

bonne soirée


Michelle (Shell) May said...

What a wonderful post! So many wonderful things to think about. Loved it! The girl on the bike in the water was so fun!
hugs and friends,

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Krys,

When I come to vist you I feel like I'm on a little vacation!!
Love all the photos and your comments.
Susan...in rainy Georgia

krys kirkpatrick said...

Thank-you all so much. When I was cleaning up my blog and putting all my posts into categories. I found these, they were drafts I forgot to post. Funny! Love all your comments, it helps to know what people think is interesting!