For Brenda's baby shower
we kept the decor simple and 
sophisticated.  White balloon, 
white flowers.  I found 36" balloon
that were cooler than cool.  We fit
5 in the 63 bus.  The clerk at the 
balloon shop helped me carry them
out.  When she saw the van she did 
a little jump and a squeal and said,
"it's real".  When we drive around, seeing this bus
just makes people happy.  We get thumbs up, peace 
signs, and lots of smiles.  The windows in front
are called safari windows and they pop out.  It is 
like being in a convertible.


Junebug said...

Love, love the bus!! I know what you mean about making people happy but just driving around. I have a 76 convertable bug and when I take it out only on sunny days I call it my happy car. It always brings out the smiles!

Susan said...

Is it possible to be in love with an automobile? If it is I'm in love with this one. I used to be a die hard VW fan, but alas, living in Colorado with lots of snow and lots of kids, a VW Bus wouldn't be practical.