Cardboard Studio

This is sunday morning.
After a good nights sleep and 4 cups of coffee,
I am ready to post more pictures of my studio.
I am showing little snippets of interest,
because my photography skills are not of a 
level to do an overall shot and have it look good.

 Come on in....

My creative process is...messy.
I tend to spread like the thai basil
that has grown out of the garden
and now takes up a good portion of
our front yard.

...I had to move
Edna, (our seamstress) out of this
space so I could move in.  Moving her
 was a daunting task.

I moved into that larger space at the factory a 
month ago.
  (I have moved my studio so
many times I have lost count.)

My furniture is mostly cardboard.
One whole wall, floor to ceiling is 
boxes.  Inside some of the boxes are these
displays.  In the closed boxes are things that
are not so pretty but just need to be organized.

Here are paper flowers I continue to
have fun making.  This batch was pink,
my last batch was aqua.

 I love lamps and bulbs.
(Did you know you are not
suppose to put one serge protector
into another?)
I am a fire hazard.
I wonder why those fire marshals 
visit every couple of months?

 My drawing table.  But I draw everywhere.
And I mean everywhere.  Use your imagination.

And the little pleasures...see my cup warmer?
That was a 99 cent goodwill find.
fire hazard?

I eat a lot of greek yogurt...the containers work
great for painting.

 I love old stuffed, toys.  The bunny on the right
of Andy was the inspiration for our Lollie doll in
the baby line.  many...many... uhhh 30 years, 
ago I use to make raggedy ann and andy's.  I did 
a serious in green. Green yarn hair and clothes.
  Must have been my Irish phase.

This is a display in one of the open boxes
in my wall of cardboard.

 All of it will get thrown in a vat of coffee.

Sorry about the mood ruining stitch witchery in PLASTIC.
It is amazing stuff though. I been using it for years.

 I have a lot of little sketches,
(still in my learning, practicing mode.)
I use old book pages and board to make cards.

I am drawn to nautical charts, I love the colors,
and the more worn and beat up the better.

 Again another lamp, I love this one,
the old metal base.
(fire hazard)

 Cute little red gingham outfit on my one and only doll. 
 When I was newly married and we were poor college
students, I decorated our rented house in gingham.
Red in the kitchen, blue in the bedroom and
living room, pink in the bathroom.  Influence
from my gram who loved the stuff, it was also
very cheap.  Thinking back...I bet it was awful.
Even the kitchen floor was black and white linoleum
squares.  Uh...cute-sie overload! Hey, I was 20 years old.

 Love those old books, more specifically the ingredients of old books.
 It is the patina of the pages, and the worn covers. 
 The smell I can do without, some are a little midew-ish.

 One can never have enough cubbies.  I have carted
this metal cabinet with me in all my many moves.
It holds pencils, pens, wire, embroidery floss,
tools, sewing stuff....

 Wire, metal, tin...paper, cardboard
the yin to my yang.

 And thread, creamy, dreamy, old and

 Tins I covered in paper and wire and
dots of pink.  Blurry mood photo.

 I am recycling our recycled cardboard hutch from the
farm chicks show.  It is bandaged now with a lot of glue. 
It sustained a few boo boo's from trying to get it
together...and then taking it apart.  I tell you I 
 seriously considered dumping it in the garbage bin at Farm chicks
...but,  I just couldn't do it.  I hauled it home and Julie begrudgingly patched it 
together for me.  I made the boxes and use it to keep my art organized.
Box Categories of art....
pretty good... not so good... bad but can't throw away.

So thats it.  Until next month when I reorganize again.


Honey Lamb and I said...

Thanks for the peek in:) What do you do with all the white twine? ~Shelley O.

krys kirkpatrick said...

Hey Shelley,
I look at it. I can't ever bring myself to use it. But maybe...a lamp? Oh that's probably not a good idea.

The Little Red Shop said...

Thank you for the tour! How did the drawing of Lil' Em go? Do we get to see it? I've actually started writing a children's book based upon something Emily said whilst we were on a road trip into Seattle one day.

Have a beautiful week!

: )

Julie M.

Marilyn said...

Loved seeing your studio. Someone once told me my studio/office was messy; but how can we avoid it when there are so many little pieces of this and that to store away for a future project or just because we love it. The use of cardboard is so fun on your picture frames too. I am so loving my picture sitting on my desk. I think I will share it on my blog this week along with the link to your blog.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like your work space and especially your metal cabinet. That has to be a great organizing tool. Thank you so much for inviting us to visit with you.

Karen Valentine said...

I am so happy to finally see your pics!! It was well worth the wait! I absolutely loves the paper flowers hanging from the iron shade. If you ever do a tutorial, I would love to hear about it! Thanks again for joining the party!
My Desert Cottage

Miss Sandy said...

Fabulous studio! Your art is awesome. There is something so magical about your images, they make me smile. Thank you for sharing.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thanks for sharing your personal creative space. Have a great 4th of July. I must keep blogging to visit others! Connie