Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tillerman

My God This makes you feel good. 

 I saw Harold and Maude a couple of months ago and could not get Cat Stevens out of my head.

I have been watching Extras on netflix and they play this song at the end of the show...I love it. 
 I bought the album on Itunes and it is so uplifting.
  Tonight on Pandora I heard Peace Train.  
This is shameful...but I thought Cat Stevens was dead.  He isn't, I read his bio on Wikapedia and was
amazed.  I think his voice, lyrics and message are amazing.


lulu said...

didn't Cat go in a weird direction after his music career? That whole album is so youth to me. Thanks for reminding me. It's on the iphone. OX L

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

How fun to hear a lovely song for the very first time.

Anonymous said...

Loved this. Getting my bags together. :)