bespeak thee of grand

What image do you conjure up at hearing the word?
We all know what mother means but 
what about the other?
When I look up the meaning of grand...
 one interpretation...one I like.
 " a grand old face that bespeaks suffering but not defeat."
...Have we not all induced a bit of suffering in our 50 odd years of living?
Do you not think this lovely lady has suffered?

If she has, well.... she has not let it 
stop her or cramp her style.

 I am so in love with being older,
wiser...and indépendant.
I am free to be in love with this...little peanut.
  I don't have to worry about him,
because I know He will be loved. 
I don't have the responsibility of being
a mommy...I just get to show
up...offer love, support and
I have suffered and I endured.
  I not only survived, I thrived. 
 I am grateful for the
opportunity to bask in the love
of a little guy that is just being,

I am grateful to be 54,
a granny with a free spirit
that can't wait to teach my little
guy....be fearless. 

He will give me my wings,
 that will make me grand.

Beautiful image was found here.
A very cool and fun site for those
of us who age with our own sense of style.


paperbird said...

so fun to come across your blog. i met you years ago when I did shows with my cute friend Ilona Steelhammer.

Love your beach house and kitty :-)

Annie said...

The unconditional love of a child can fill an empty heart to face; and a full heart will overflow.

I like the granny too. She may have suffered but she came out on the other side, sense of humor firmly intact.

Honey Lamb and I said...

What a sweet little baby!!! ~Shelley O.

Honey Lamb and I said...

What a sweet little baby!!! ~Shelley O.

Marilyn said...

How fun for you to be a grannie to a little peanut. I can only wish.