In my possession is a very cool book.
Sibella Court...Etcetera etc.
Available at Anthropology and Amazon.
It is so cool.  I flipped through it, slowly.
 Walked away.
Returned after lunch and bought it.

 It is so inspirational,  
"Each chapter is brimming with trade secrets."

 I am also torn.  I am trying to do with less.
To make things out of what I have on hand. 
 Every day materials like cardboard, muslin,
paper, paint, wire.
I am no different than a crow, peering into
a  waste bin.  I pick and peck at the local 
farm and feed store. 
 Ace hardware and
Office Depot are equally as inspiring as Anthropology
and Sibella Court.

I need to absorb, touch, see and
yes, collect a few things to inspire me on.
to the next project.

I am gathering for my nest.

This weekend,
 I found
plain egg cartons,
wood garden stakes,
and wire for fencing.
at the country feed store.

Free recycled tubes,
at a carpet outlet.
At the Goodwill a 10.00 dresser for
my daughter- in- laws office.

I have my work cut out for me.


Diane said...

I am always feathering my nest too Krys =)

KLT said...

Looks like a great book! Nice find...

Mandy said...

This book is so great, I am lucky enough to live near her store, she is so amazing. One time when I was visiting she showed me her living space upstairs, it was like being inside that book ...but only better.
In early July she was telling me she is having a one off Saturday Flea market with all her goodies, I think it will be so amazing ... and the book has already won so many awards ... well deserved indeed.

Marilyn said...

Using odds and ends around the house is a very good thing.