Amazing table...not for sale

There are five of us at
work that get massages from
"Jo's healing hands."
As much as Jo is talented,
she gives her massages in
a little garden shed that sits
in the middle of an amazing 
garden that surrounds a
fun antique shop.  
Walking around the yard
I found this very unique 
and fun table and chairs.
So fun and unique.
Oh well.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen a table & chair set like this before - it's wonderful. I understand completely why it's not for sale. :)

Happy week to you,

Marilyn said...

Love it. Massage in a garden shed, how perfect. My husband's masseuse came to our back yard this summer and gave my husband his massage. We will sleep in our garden greenhouse this week.

andrea creates said...

I met you at the Country Living Fair today, and just wanted to say, you had some of the cutest goodies, patterns, artwork and booth I saw there :)
I loved the little template for the tea light cabin~and asked about the squirrel patterns...
I'm now following your blog
Have a great weekend...