Country living at Stone Mountain

Home again...
 Home again...
jiggedy jig

It has been a busy 
couple of months.
Creative Connections in Minnesota,
A quick trip to Jacksonville Florida,
Country living in Ohio
and finally Atlanta.

I got home last night
from the Country Living Show in Atlanta.
I love my EarthAngel buddies.
Such a sap, I cried like
a menopausal woman when we
all went our separate ways.
I wish I had taken more pictures.

Here is the view from my room in Stone Mountain.
 Here is the setting for most of the vendors.
It felt like a camping trip.
 Look at the color of this wool.
 More meandering trails and happy shopping.
 Sisters...they were so, so lovely and kind.
This is one reason artists put themselves out into
the universe....and the gift of art itself...to connect
with others.  
 My buddies...I love these two beautiful ladies.
Jody and Leslie.
Kind, generous and most importantly
they had me on the floor laughing until
I cried.   
 Sweet, supportive, kind and adorable
Michele and Jennifer.
 Our fearless leader. 
Bossy, bold, beautiful
gentle, kind, supportive
Laurie, Sue, Melody, Letty, Debbee
Nicole, Dana
You are fun and so generous with
your time and willingness to help.
Thank-you Country Living Magazine
for such an amazing event


sjmcdowell said...

Hi Krys,

Looks like you had the best time!!
I live in Georgia and went to Stone Mountain two weeks ago when they had the Scottish Festival. It is such a beautiful place.
I love the pictures that you took of you and the ladies. What special memories you will always have!



Brenda said...

Looking forward to details! Looks like you had a great time.

Marilyn said...

Welcome Home! How wonderful to have the opportunity to share with other artists. I can just imagine the energy there was so invigorating and fun. Missed seeing you here. Thanks for sharing your pictures.