snowmen art

I get up around 4:00 in the morning.
So I get quite a bit done...if I don't 
get distracted.  
I Love the show Modern Family.
There is one episode where the
dad does a whole scenario displaying
his undiagnosed A.D.D.
Easily distracted and one thing
just leads to 15 projects going on
at one time.  I try to be neat and
tidy.  It just isn't possible when
I am taken over by the creative creature.
This is one project I did today.
I painted these.


Marilyn said...

I loooove them all, including the quote at top from Shel Silverstein.

linwood avenue said...

i love the red house - so sweet!

Shelly said...

I posted to you this morning and it didn't go through Krys! Power outages from the storm? Whatever!

The Crafts that you are taking to your event are spectacular! You are SO talented!

I just got home from Silver Bella in Omaha yesterday,,,,,,and the women/crafts/events were fantastic. But still, my dear, as always, Your "eye" surpasses SO many!

Stop over IF you have a minute and "meet" some of the gals I met at this FAB event! I got to know and love several.

But, I think the whole venue reminded me of how blessed I already am to have such fantastic friends in my creative life!

Big hugs,,,,,,,and hope we truly can get together sometime soon!


(Ohhhhhhhh, my stars, Kiss that baby for me, will you? )

The DIY Show Off said...

I love them! So pretty!

Krys - I sent you an email (about a feature in the DIY Club Holiday e-zine where I shared images of your beautiful work from the CL Fair). I wasn't sure if you got the email, but I wanted to tell you "thank you"! :)


Nancy said...

Whoa! 4 in the morning...are you crazy? That's the middle of the night!!! But hey, if you can create these absolutely darling pictures at that time, fabulous!!!! Love all of them...so sweet and whimsical. Now get some rest!
XO Nancy

paperbird said...

So very sweet, I love the soft colors. Thanks for the inspiration, I am loving your creative posts.

The DIY Show Off said...

Hi Krys - if you want to see the ezine with the pictures, it's on the side bar in my blog (if you want the html code to share it, let me know...sorry you didn't get my email).

Have a Happy Thanksgiving week! :)