New art at bunnies

We are busy here.
Getting our booths ready
for the Atlanta and New York
gift shows in January.  They are
being shipped next week.
So when the rest of the world
is enjoy Christmas.
We are in Spring 2011.
going through artwork today
I ran across this adorable
piece of art Jen did
for the
Mitsukoshi dept
store display.
(Did I mention we
are an international
bunny company?)
Isn't that adorable. Jen uses painter and photoshop. 
  She is Bunnies By The Bay.

So all these years I have worked with our art department,
I really could not draw a stick figure.
It will be 2 years in March...when I first picked
 up a pencil and a paintbrush.
Here is an early attempt.

Here is something more recent
Did I mention I do not live in a perfect world.
I never have.  When I made bunnies, the eyes
would be crooked.  A button sewn on a coat...
covered a stain.  I like handmade.  I have about
8000 left to perfect my craft.  But...I love it.


Kathy Martin said...

I love your bird drawing! It's so darn adorable! :)

Marilyn said...

Love Jen's snowman, but also love your art too, even the beginnings.