...Baby it's cold outside...
Driving my usual 
Kirkland to Anacortes 
monday drive,
I didn't see snow
until Laconner.
This was so pretty
and serene.

We are suppose to get more
of the white stuff wednesday.

When everyone here at Bunnies
is flying to Atlanta to do the Gift Show.

I hope I don't have to pull out my trusty bike!!!


tchesney said...

Ohhhhhh brrrrrrrrr....who rides a bike in the snow?? lol

We just got 8" here in Nebraska yesterday, so we are digging out, slowly but surely!

Marilyn said...

We were suppose to get snow today, but no sign of it yet. I do think it would be so cold to ride a bike in the snow. Happy travels! Good luck selling your beach house. If it were closer to Portland I would consider it.