Making fabric 8.5 x 11 all day long!

I have been ironing fabric
to full sheet label paper
and printing.

These are all samples
for the New York Gift Show.
Which starts next week.

This is one fabric.
Text from a 1906 Chicken Little book.
My goal is to write our own story
like this.
But this will do for now.

An unfinished Giraffe

A sweet tweet

 A Padded frame for art

What else can I do?


Anonymous said...

You are so creative...when I saw the fabric I thought it was cool, but in the back of my mind I thought "what would you do with that"! Then as I scrolled down I was very pleased...these are so cute and so perfect!!! Very original!

andrea creates said...

i love fabric with words on it-different fonts-so neat....

Patrice said...

Wow! This is fantastic!

Deb Kennedy said...

Krys, these are so marvelous! Your creativity is so inspiring... and I love the idea of your Bunnies story being in old fashioned fonts like the example - darling!

Kathy Martin said...

Oh how fabulous! I would love to see an elephant! Don't you have an Etsy shop? Do you sell some of these goodies? :)

Marilyn said...

A very creative idea. I love it and so cute on the giraffe.

gretchen said...

I can't remember the site, but there is one out there that will print up fabric from your design...or words!?!

but then again, you have a printer right there and it's working!

looks good!