Pablo Picasso at the SAM

We have talked about going to see 
the Picasso exhibit at the  SAM
for a couple of months.  We tried once
and it was closed.  We tried yesterday
it was sold out...so I stood in line for
an hour with about 200 other crazy people
and finally got in today.
The line was longer behind me...
and this was for nonmembers.
There was another line on the other side for members.

(Interesting display of vehicles. )

It was overwhelming.
The impression that I walked away with
Whatever floats your boat,
it's good just to see people appreciate
art in general.  As Joseph Cambell
has expressed, without art we would not
be man...it has been apart of who we
are from the beginning. To communicate
 in another form...other than words.  

It was good to see so many...
  from the hundreds of school children,
young adults and those of us not so young.
Out supporting art.


Anonymous said...

I am jealous..how I would love to see that exhibit...that building looks like a piece of art in itself!

JodyC said...

I checked out the SAM blog this morning, hoping to catch it before Picasso left. a 2 hr wait to buy the tickets for later in the day! decided to stay home. told hubby he'll have to take me to europe instead! :) hope it was worth the wait!

Marilyn said...

I can just imagine this was a great exhibit. I have been to the Picasso museum in Paris and Barcelona, but not at the SAM.