Style Baby

I have always had my own sense of Style
I cut up and stitch and embellish my clothing.
Comfort is my middle name.
...I had jeans like these in High School...
Boys Levi's
mine were all embroidery.

image found here


sugar Creek said...

Oh I love those! They remind me of my best friend in highschool that I painted a big red heart with wings and her nickname in the middle. It was on her hiney!! Needless to say everyone looked at her butt!

Marilyn said...

What fun! I remember a time long ago with jean just so. Any jeans are my comfort. These are so cute.

Brenda said...

If Bunnies were to make denim, I imagine them looking like this and embroidered. I can picture you in yours...stylin'!

Anonymous said...

very cool jeans