Found on my inspiration board

I was looking on one of my
inspiration boards for
a project I am working on
and found this...behind another
I have had this for years.  
So it is from parts unknown.

I have been watching the show
Brothers and Sisters
on Netflix.

They are not quite as happy as these
siblings are.
More art painted in Maui.


Marilyn said...

Love this quote and your art.

malia said...

beautiful sentiment and art... i like your brothers and sisters much better than the tv show ( -:

Amy H. George said...

My husband and I became addicted to watching all the seasons of Brothers and Sisters while the baby was still in that "sleep all the time" infant stage. Do you like watching it because of the characters and story or also because of the beautiful homes depicted in CA?? BTW. We have TWO purple bunnies from Bunnies by the Bay. Our little one has been sleeping with them since she was 3 months. It's become our signature baby gift and everyone we give them to LOVES them as well :-)

Kelly said...

I can see why you added that to your inspiration board. It's wonderful!


JodyC said...

Love the quote. it's so true. no one can make us happy. just us. damn! there goes a whole list of excuses!

Elaine said...

such a beautiful quote and so true