at the beach

I have been kinda busy.
Getting Hutch ready for V.I.P.'s 
coming in June.
Getting my beach house ready 
for sale.
  I am officially listing it
as of today.
So we have been tweeking it.

But also,
enjoying it.
The other night we snacked 
on these...thanks to Rick the 
shrimp catcher.
Caught that day. 
Broiled and served with
browned butter, a few chili flakes,
salt and pepper.
Better than lobster or crab.

Strawberries not local,

but pretty good.

And we ate around this.
One of the benefits of a cold May.
We need to build a good fire to stay warm.


Chesney said...

Looks like one enjoyable and peaceful snack! That last picture has me really wishing I was in it! :)

gretchen said...

I had no idea you could get fresh, out of the ocean shrimp in your area...for some reason i think of them only in southern waters. I feel a google coming on! Looks like a perfect dinner to me!

malia said...

looks beautiful! hope all is lovely in your world... xo malia