Dough Girl

Recently we were in California
for a family wedding.
Our hostess prepared us
a special breakfast.
These rolls sit in the
oven and rise overnight.

A little to much dough 
for the pan.

Which brings me to this.

A muffin top.

picture courtesy of google images.
description....urban dictionary

But for me...this is just the beginning.  The muffin
is attached to the rest of my body, that just seems
to take up more space than necessary.

So I am doing something about it.
I will let you know what happens.
So far so good.


Kathy Martin said...

That's too funny! :)

Chesney said...

You made me laugh hysterically (even before my morning coffee)!

Marilyn said...

Laughing while I cry because I do have this same issue, over the top of my jeans waist. I was sick for 3 weeks and hardly ate and still I only lost 5 pounds. So then I give up. Good luck and I will certainly love hearing how it goes.

gretchen said...

The oven photo made me laugh. The muffin top issue is one i have also been addressing...started back with yoga, but i know that's not enough. Good luck to you (and me, too) !