Hutch Studios - "Bunnies"

Another fun day at Hutch


Marilyn said...

I would love sitting with you and creating. Your bunnies are so cute.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Of course I looooooove the bunnies!!!
xx, shell

Kathy Martin said...

Oh so fabulous! I don't think my house is complete without a bunny! Where do you sell them?

Shelly said...

Hey Sweet friend! What a great Video! You're new "Crop", "Nest" what the heck do we call a "Herd" of Bunnies, is fantastic!

So whimsical,,I'm sure the licensing agents will go GAGA over these creations! You never cease to amaze me!

And,,putting on my "friend" cap here,,,,,,I wanna pic your brain,,,,,get some insight/inspirations! I'm planning my first Venue,,,,,,for November here in Snoho....

Only I've got a different Twist,,,including Vendors/crafters/artisans I've gotten to know across the US,,,,,

Working out the details this weeks....Can you email me a phone # so I can pick your lovely NW creative Brain?????

Drop me a phone number at Shelly39WA@aol.com that you'd LIKE to be reached at when you can.....I'd LOVE your input!

Hugs and Love and a Creative "Bus" on the Cheek!

Lele said...

it is fantastic!!

* handmade unique plushies

Elma said...

Oh I wish I was there to see al this!! What fun!!! Do you sell the bunnys in a shadowbox???