4 days with Sam

Well my 4 days with Sam are over.
It was so much fun.  Nothing like
watching a one year old loving  life.

Here he is watching an airplane.  When he hears jet noises , he stops and looks up.

Here he was pissy, not all that happy for some reason.  Climbing stairs though, nothing
stops him from moving...even a bad mood.

And he knows how to go down stairs. " STOP...turn around." He has heard that 
a hundred times. 
 Still pissy.....but so stinking cute!
He is just a little cuddle bug.  Loves to be held and snuggle.
Play...run....climb, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Eating....ahhhh not so much.  There is to much to do.
He actually likes walking around with food.  Especially
O's.   But to feed him....not so interested unless it's cheese.

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Marilyn said...

Oh what a sweetie pie! He is totally cute even when he isn't so happy.