I feel generous and lucky today

Today is monday.
Not such a great day.
Rain, thunder, cold...
I took a nap I felt so CRAPPY.
But...nothing makes you feel better
than to give something you really, really like
to someone you appreciate.
That is you.
One favor to ask though.
Please go over to 
scroll down the page until you get to
the post on 
little ole me.
Leave a comment.
Show Jen some love.
Tell her how much you appreciate 
her support of all her earth angel girls.
If that is to much work
then leave a comment for me
and I will forward it to her.
If you do that...
I will put your name in a hat 
for the chance to..
This little bunny.

This is, " Seamore".
He is a seafaring rabbit who 
 sails the seven seas to see what he can see.
I made him and he is one of a kind.
Little too.  You will get a wee package 
in the mail.  

I will pick a winner
on Sunday...the last day of July.

Good luck all my seafaring sea gals.


gretchen said...

This is such a sweet and kind thing to do....

Makeminemidcentury said...

I went looking for some of your bunnies the other day and couldn't find any ... this is a sign!

Jody Battaglia said...

Hello Krys...I took a look-see at the Earth Angels site and I thought...Bingo! Krys did it again. I love your work, your gentle touch and blissful colors. Your little bunny friend looks like a tap dancer to me with those sparky shoes.
Have silly two-stepping fun, Jody

Momichka said...

Seamore is soooo lovely.

Kelly said...

Seamore is utterly adorable! I left a comment on Earth Angel's blog as well. I love that site, they have the most fun things!

I hope your weather and your mood take a turn for the better!

Hugs, Kelly

Lisa said...

Oh Krys! I would love Seamore! I purchased a few items from your amazing booth last year at The Creative Connection. Your work is sweet and makes me so happy. :)

AuroraSuzette said...

I'm glad you're doing something so sweet. Giving is a pretty powerful thing.

Marilyn said...

He is a sweetie! Now I must see if I left a comment there. I know I visited and saw the article.